Professor Good Baby’s lesson on rolling:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on rolling: I’ve decided to try rolling now, it gets me slightly coder to the things I want to be near without having to wait for an adult to figure it which thing I want. I do not however like to do this when anybody is looking at me, I’m not your performing monkey. (Although I do think performing monkeys are hilarious) I’m a baby and I do things when I want to, plus the things I want are usually the things that just got taken away from my brothers, so if no one is looking and no one suspects I’ll do it then I can get the good toys.


Professor Good Baby’s lesson on Thursday:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on Thursday: Thursday tends to be relaxing, we aren’t starting the weekend yet, so we aren’t going places and doing lots of stuff. We also aren’t at the beginning of the week where people are trying to finish all the stuff they didn’t do on the weekend. We do things like hang out on the floor just taking some extra family time. We take extra long nap times or play outside a little longer. It’s a great day to be a baby in a swing, inside on a hot summer day.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on forth of July:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on forth of July: ok so on the forth of July it turns out people like to blow things up. They even let little people like me come watch them blow stuff up. It’s loud, pole not just the house loud, or a parade kind of lots, but this is a whole new kind of loud. They say there are lights to watch, but I can’t see them. If someone tells you that it is the first of July you need to find an adult arms to be in, preferably one you trust. Don’t try and be brave, just find an adult to snuggle with and you will survive the forth of July.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on first food:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on first food: yesterday everyone in the house seemed so excited to share with me this weird mushed pea stuff they call food. They expected me to open and close my mouth around a spoon instead of just giving it to me in a bottle. It was weird. If adults start telling you it’s time to eat table food and they want to take your formula away I just have one word for you: tacos. I’ve heard that everyone can agree tacos are the best kind of food, so as weird as mushed pea it’s I’m hoping if I accept it they will quickly move me closer to tacos.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on laughing:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on laughing: it turns out adults will do almost anything to make a baby laugh. Funny faces, turning you in circles, going upside down, everything to try and get even a Google. It makes them so happy when they tickle you or something and you laugh. Actually it makes me really happy how hard they try and make me laugh too. If you have not yet done your first full belly laugh then there is no time like the present. It is fun to laugh with your family, even the other kids get in on it and will try even harder to make you laugh after hearing you do it. Professor Good Baby approves of laughing.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on grass:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on grass: yesterday I say in the grass with sister. It was weird, I didn’t even have shoes on so my toes were directly touching grass. It was fun though because sister was holding me and playing with me the whole time. I’m still working on the whole sitting on my own thing, it might be fun, but right now everyone holds me up so I can see things anyway. If anyone offers to let you play I’m the grass just make sure they hold you, make sure there are no any and make sure you don’t get your feet too dirty, that’s not fun.