Professor Good Baby’s lesson on saying goodbye:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on saying goodbye: I just wanted to say goodbye to all of my fans. I don’t actually know many of you personally, but you have been checking in, liking my posts and generally boosting my ego. It was fun to see all the countries that my words have been to, places I’ve never been before, but my words were touching. I’ve tried to keep this light hearted and happy, funny things I’ve seen along the way, but today I don’t feel happy as I say goodbye. Believe it or not I’ll miss all of you and sharing all the big moments and small that we have shared over the past few months.


Professor Good Baby’s lesson on forts:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on forts: my siblings and cousin are quickly becoming champion fort builders. They can build a fort big enough for 4 people using blankets and pillows and chairs in minutes. It’s the most fun when they leave it up while they go nap and I get to lay inside of it. Ok, maybe not as much fun as if they had invited me and I got to play with them, but my appts think the big kids are too wiggly and would roll on me or sit on me. If you ever get to go inside a big kids fort then I highly recommend it. They build the most awesome things sometimes.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on prime day:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on prime day. According to my adults something called prime day is happening, I am not sure what that means or why everyone is watching their phones more closely today, but they say they are going to save money and buy stuff, hopefully for me to make up for all the lack of attention I’m getting today. Seriously, if your still are as obsessed with this watching their phones thing as mine are then you need to complain about it because you might feel like doing something important and they could miss it. You also might not feel like doing anything but being held and told you are a Good Baby, but that should become your right to choose, not some number that can’t be divided evenly.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on using language:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on using language: it’s surprising to me that more people aren’t walking around confused at what people are saying. In this house phrases like why are there pancakes on the back of the toilet or get the underwear off your head and put them on your bottom are regularly used. This is the lavishes example I’ve been given and if you live in a big family I’m sure you could add your own phrases that you never thought you would hear adults say and we could make a while collection. If they are going around saying things like smell your belly button when you roll, then why would they think anything I’m going to say would make sense to them?

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on blanket size:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on blanket size: if blankets are not twice as big as you are then they are simply unacceptable. You should be able to lick your feet freely and still hold the blanket by your chin before you go to sleep. A blanket should have room to dangle around you in case you choose to move a bit. Adults will tell you this is dangerous and that you might get caught in the blanket or something, but I say live it up and fuss until you get the blankets you want. It’s ok to be picky, you don’t get nice things by just accepting anything.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on summer heat:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on summer heat: as much as I love the outside I don’t like going outside when it’s hot, which is all the time right now. When it is hot enough to bake cookies in the car then it is too hot for a Good Baby to be playing outside for any real period of time without a fan, water, shade, and cool clothes. My adults are hilarious to watch trying to take us places right now because they have twice as much stuff so that we can stay cool. The other kids have been inside more too, which is great for me because they get to play with me more. If you live in a place that gets hot in the summer, like really hot, then stay inside and keep cool Good Babies, enjoy the extra family time while you have it.

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on catching cats:

Professor Good Baby’s lesson on catching cats: nothing is funnier than watching a bunch of adults try and catch cats. What were they doing with the cats when they caught them, putting them up. I guess it was nap time and they were tired of watching the cats sleep on the couch. The funnest part is when the cat jumps over their hands. It’s not funny when sister finally catches the cat and gets scratched. That was sad and I tried giving her extra snuggles to make up for it. You never know what is going to happen when you live in a big family though.